By Jordan Sigler

Eric Gordon trade could help the Rockets’ future

An Eric Gordon trade is likely before the trade deadline of February 9th. The Houston Rockets have no chance of reaching the playoffs here by early February. The Rockets, who have just 12 wins and own the NBA’s worst record, must start thinking beyond this or even next season. One NBA insider thinks the Rockets trading Gordon can help with the draft.

The Rockets, like another Houston team in the Texans, need pieces for the future. Gordon can provide capital to a team looking for a long playoff run. John Hollinger of The Athletic thinks the Rockets can nab a draft pick and possibly another veteran for next season with an Eric Gordon trade:

“Most obviously, the Rockets need to try to parlay Eric Gordon into whatever draft capital they can; the dude asked the waiter for the check a long time ago and is impatiently playing with the salt and pepper shakers. They should also be doing the same with Boban Marjanović if only to clear the roster spot; I don’t think they could get any picks back for him.

A more interesting debate is whether they should take on a veteran contract that goes beyond this season as part of a Gordon deal, which would cut into their surfeit of cap space for the coming offseason but could also jump-start them to having less of an AAU squad and more of a real basketball team in 2023-24.”

The Rockets certainly need to try

Photo courtesy of The Athletic

The Rockets don’t have a ton of leverage. But they do have a piece who can help them in the draft. That’s more important than having another veteran to float the team through next season. The Rockets need to try and secure the best draft position they can for the 2023 NBA Draft with an Eric Gordon trade.


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