Houston Texans drafting a quarterback likely

The Houston Texans drafting a quarterback this offseason seems most likely after DeMeco Ryans’ press conference Friday. The newly named head coach is inheriting a team that needs a fresh start. And the quarterback room could use a facelift.

The Texans are currently set to pick at number two overall in the draft. The Chicago Bears have the number one position in the draft. Because the Bears are set with quarterback Justin Fields as their franchise guy, the Texans currently have the best position for teams who need a quarterback.

However, the Indianapolis Colts might be looking to trade up to the number one pick for a quarterback. ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper recently said he thinks the Texans will be in the business of trying to trade up for the number one spot.

Ryans’ press conference hints at the Texans’ plans

CJ Stroud
Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Ryans held an introductory press conference for the Texans on Thursday. According to Bobby Kownack of the NFL, Ryans said the Texans’ quarterback room is incomplete. Ryans’ comments indicated the Texans drafting a quarterback in 2023 is a pretty much done deal:

“We understand we have one quarterback here on our roster, and we have to add more at that position,” Ryans said. “We know everybody gets excited about the quarterback. The quarterback is one piece to a team. As I’ve seen in San Francisco, what happens when you don’t have that one guy? Is the season over? Are you just booking it? No. How do you build around that quarterback? Yes, we want a great quarterback.”

Ryans understands the Texans need a better quarterback than Davis Mills. It appears he’s on board with making sure the Texans do what it takes to bring the right quarterback to the team. There are a few great options for them in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Texans should between CJ Stroud and Bryce Young to lead the new offense in Houston.


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