The Houston Texans could get Aaron Rodgers?

The Houston Texans need a quarterback. DeMeco Ryans made the point clear in his introductory press conference. The Texans currently have one quarterback, Davis Mills, for the 2023 season. One NFL writer thinks the Texans have a slight chance at Rodgers this offseason.

The Texans are expected to take a quarterback in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. They currently have the number two pick, so they’re in a great position to land a top-tier quarterback like Bryce Young from Alabama or CJ Stroud from Ohio State.

CJ Stroud
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But they could land a veteran quarterback in free agency or via trade.

The Texans listed as a possible Rodgers destination

Houston Texans
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Bill Barnwell of ESPN wrote a list of the “most attractive” destinations for Rodgers and Derek Carr to land in 2023. He listed 13 teams that need a quarterback the most and then ranked them based on how attractive they would be for a quarterback who didn’t want to enter a rebuild. As one would expect, the Houston Texans ranked low, 12th, on the list. But that’s one spot better than the NFC South rival Indianapolis Colts.

Barnwell doesn’t see the Texans as that attractive due to their ownership and having a roster that’s in need of a rebuild for Ryans to turn around:

“Second-round wideout John Metchie can’t really be graded after he missed his entire rookie season while battling leukemia, but Brandin Cooks wanted out of Houston and was frustrated to not be traded, while Nico Collins struggled with injuries and consistency. I’d like to see this group with a healthy, returning Metchie, but the Texans probably need to add a receiver during the offseason, especially if they move Cooks.

Ryans still has to hire an offensive coordinator, and the likelihood of the Texans drafting a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick raises concerns this will be a part-time position for any veteran passer who joins the organization. For veterans who are close to retiring — such as Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco — this could essentially amount to a player-coach role.”

Rodgers and Carr won’t be with the Houston Texans

Texans drafting a quarterback
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While the Houston Texans would be fun to watch with Rodgers next season, the four-time MVP can nix any trade deal he doesn’t want with his contract. Rodgers is adamant against being in a rebuild. The storylines with David Carr‘s brother as a Texan would be fun next season. But that’s not happening either with his price tag. The Texans will have a rookie to watch grow next fall. That should be exciting enough for an improving team.

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