The Houston Texans earned high marks

The Houston Texans have been a disaster on the field the previous three seasons. Texans have won 11 games since the start of the 2020 season. However, the Texans are doing things right off the field for their locker room. The team recently received high grades on their NFLPA report card.

Houston Texans
New Houston Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans must find success on the field.

Players for each NFL team participated in a survey of how their franchise takes care of its athletes. The categories include things like how the team takes care of travel, nutrition, and the training staff.

The Texans ranked fourth overall in the NFL in the survey. Texans players feel like the McNairs will take of them:

“The Houston Texans finished 4th in the team guide. Their team travel philosophy ranked the best in the league. On road games, they give the players plenty of room to be comfortable; and for home games, they allow veteran players to stay in their own homes instead of the team hotel. The biggest complaint among player respondents was that the Club is one of only two teams league-wide that does not offer either a steam room or a sauna. As one would expect for a team with ratings this high, 97% of the locker room believes the McNairs are willing to invest money into upgrading the facilities.”

The Texans have the best travel

While players would like an indoor sauna or steam room (After all, stepping outside in Houston feels like a sauna), the Texans generally give their players what they want. The team was tied for first in providing the best training staff and travel. The training staff gives more effort than what’s required to help their players. And everyone except rookies gets great treatment for travel.

Brandin Cooks Houston Texans
Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks wants to leave to find more on-the-field success. Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

The Texans players have no roommates on their road trips. The team books many first-class seats. Rookies are the only players who have to stay in the hotel the night before a game or during camp.

That seems reasonable for the Texans. Hopefully, the Texans’ investment pays off. The team needs to invest in getting more star players in Houston and giving them five-star treatment because the team’s record isn’t reflecting what the NFLPA report card shows.

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